Double Rifles

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Custom Made Blaser S2 Super Luxe

"Big Five"

Condition: As good as New

Caliber: 470 N.E.

Gunsmith Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler; Germany

Price negotiable: 43,742 € - List price was 78,000 €

For sale, custom made Blaser S2 Super Luxe "Big Five", in the African caliber 470 N.E. All engravings are custom made by Alexandra Feodorov and some parts are Gold covered. A custom made Eisele gun case with a fitting travel bag also belongs to the set.

The double rifles has a gold covered tilting block lock and the typical Blaser manual cocking system with the double lock. The Free-floating barrels are 62 cm long and both are adjustable. The crispy trigger pair (gold covered) and the open driven hunt sight support a fast and accurate shooting in dangerous situations. The wood used for the stock has the highest quality and is shaped in perfection. The rear stock has a length of 37 cm.

Alexandra Feodorov engraved the Big Five on that rifle. A Buffalo is engraved on the left side and a Rhino at the right. The bottom of the system is covered with a Lion head and the trigger guard with a leopard. The pistol cap has a beautiful profile of an Elephant.

The rifle is coming with a Swarovski 1-6x24 EE on a Blaser saddle mount. The following ammunition is also part of the set: 40 rounds Hornady DGS, 40 rounds LFB Softnose, 30 rounds LFB Solid.

The cartridge 470 N.E. is suitable for all game on earth and is nearly all over Africa available. This set is ready for use.

The rifle can be inspected by appointment in Baesweiler at the Gunsmith Andreas Strank. 

Custom Made Double Rifle 

Condition: NEW - Prebuild, Ready for customizing

Caliber: 416 Rigby

Gunsmith Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler; German

Price: 19,998 €

Double rifle with long side plates and Anson box lock system in 416 Rigby for sale. The 60 cm barrels are locked with a Greener locking system and end up in a classic brass front sight. A two-fold rear sight gives flexibility for different hunting distances. To ensure a fast and safe reloading process the rifle comes with an ejector.

The system has an extended top strap and trigger guard to ensure an even pressure spread to the rear stock. The wood chosen for the stock is superb and the rear stock ends up in a Rigby butt plate. The pistol grip has a compartment to store smaller spares e.g. a replacement front sight or a fire pin.

The rifle comes with a classic double trigger and the articulated front trigger avoids wounding at the finger. The measurement from the front trigger to the butt plate is approximately 37 cm

The rifle is prebuild and can be customized by the future owner. 35 rounds Norma Swift are part of the set.