Bolt Action Rifles

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Custom Made Mauser Safari 98

Condition: NEW 

Caliber: 450 Rigby
Gunsmith Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler; Germany

Price Negotiable: 19,996 €

This beautiful and brand new custom-made Mauser Magnum 98 from the German gunsmith Andreas Strank is for sale. The rifle has the strong Africa caliber .450 Rigby and is built-up on a full-engraved double square bridge Magnum System. Especially, the magazine bottom plate has a superb engraving. A Lion head completely covered in real gold and buffalo. (Pictures) The magazine capacity is 3+1.

This rifle is not made for decoration, only. It has a fine brass front sight for long distance shots as well as an approximately 4 mm white flip-up-front sight for fast and close shots. The rear three fold sight can be used on 50/100/150 meter. The 63.5 cm barrel is extremely precise and adds some weight to the front.

The trigger is set to 1000 gram and allows clean shots, but also has a hair-trigger option. The system has an extended top strap and trigger guard to distribute the pressure even to the rear stock. To transport smaller spares the extended trigger guard ends up into a pistol grip compartment. The butt plate is leather covered and allows a fast and smooth shouldering.

The fore-end (stock) has an engraved cross pin and a sharp checkering. It ends up in an black ebony nose. The rear stock has a length of 39,5 cm but can be fitted for free to the buyers measurements.

The rifle is scoped with a Swarovski Z6i 1-6 x 24 EE. It has a "circle dot" reticle and is mounted with a pivot mount. The pivot mount is engraved as well as the barrel. For completion, the gun is coming with a gun case. 8 Kynochi Softnose bullets are part of the set.

The caliber is shooting relatively smoothly for the size of the caliber. More information about the caliber is also available at this website under "Caliber" in the section bolt-action. 

Sauer 202 Safari Take Down

Condition: NEW

Caliber: 375 Holland & Holland

Gunsmith Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler; Germany

Price: 17,498 €

New Sauer 202 Safari Luxe Take Down in the famous African caliber 375 Holland & Holland for sale. The rifle is equipped with a beautiful wooden stock and has a measurement of approximately 36,5 cm from the trigger to the butt plate. There is a metal plate in the pistol grip, which can be engraved with the new owners' initials.

The metal magazine is a 3+1 one and has a locking system to avoid an unexpected release. The magazine bottom plate is nicely engraved with an arabesque pattern. The bolt has a grinding pattern and locks directly with six notches in the barrel. The big advantage of the Take Down rifle is the disassemble option that allows to pack the two nearly same sized parts for example in a backpack.

The system is nitride and has a custom made engraving of two buffalos. The smoothly shaped bolt handle is also engraved and has a Gold inlay. The pivot mount bases are already fixed to the system and accordingly nitride and engraved. The whole engravings of that rifle are hand made.

The 60 cm barrel comes with a solid profile and has a flip-up front sight, which is mounted as a ring over the muzzle. It has a fine brass front sight for long distance shots as well as an approximately 4 mm white flip-up-front sight for fast and close shots. The rear sight is a one-fold express sight. The Combi-Trigger can be used as hair-trigger or as normal trigger.

All metal parts are covered with the famous Sauer Ilaflon coating, which avoids corrosion and reflection.

The rifle comes with 40 shots of Norma Swift A-Frame and 60 shots Federal Soft & Solid ammo.