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Caesar Guerini Shotgun
Model Magnus

Condition: As good as New

Caliber: .410 (36) / "3 (76)

Büchsenmacher Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler, Germany

Price: 3,500 €

In the meanwhile one of the shotguns was sold together with the gun case. Therefore, only one shotgun is still for sale!

A Caesar Guerini shotgun from Italy for sale. The caliber of that extraordinary shotgun is 410/ "3 (36/76). The shotgun is fine engraved with pheasants and partridges in gold. It is coming with original papers and a certificate from Caesar Guerini. 

The 76 cm barrels are equipped with a good visible white front sight as well as with a support sight. The ventilated rail fits to the elegant style of that shotgun. Both barrels are steel shot proven and have screw-in chokes. The shotgun comes with a set of three chokes ½, ¾ and full. The crispy trigger is also covered with gold and the distance from the trigger to the butt plate is approximately 37,5 cm.

The shotgun is very light and elegant. 

FN B25 - Special Pigeon

Condition: As good as New - complete revised

Caliber: 12/70

Büchsenmacher Andreas Strank; 52499 Baesweiler, Germany

Price negotiable: 8,799 €

For Sale. A complete revised FN B25 from 1966 in 12/70. During the revision, a ¼ screw-in choke from Briley was set in the upper barrel and the shotgun got a steel proof certificate. The lower barrel kept the original ¾ choke.

The 81 cm barrel pair has a wide Broadway rail and ends up in a red fiber front sight. An additional support sight will ease a perfect shot. The front stock is classical made as three parted stock and has no clearance. The overall wood is absolute luxury class and has a handcrafted butt plate. The distance from the trigger to the middle of the butt plate is 38 cm. All metal parts are engraved with the "Special Pigeon" pattern from FN. The whole shotgun has a superb finish and all parts are without clearance.