The downside

Those who choose to become a hunter must accept being part of a billions of dollars industry. Therefore, one should take a critical look at the challenges of today's hunting. Unfortunately, black sheep are not the laudable exception, but a more common phenomenon.

The debate is as controversial as it is emotional, as it is an extremely complex and difficult subject. In addition, all too often, there are no simple answers to the major challenges of modern hunting and hunters.

In the end, each of us must find its own point of view and decide for him-/herself what is still ethically and hunting-wise acceptable.

Especially, when planning a hunt in Africa, one should invest a lot of attention and time in the planning phase. Many of the African countries have insufficient controls on the subject of hunting and trophy control. In addition, corruption is a never-ending problem.

It is not easy to find the right hunting provider with the right tour from the distance of your country of origin.

A recommendation is to fall back on your personal network or to contact public networks, as for example the Erongo directory. Talking to the outfitter in person at trade shows can also provide good insights.

In the end, every hunter bears the responsibility himself!

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