Chapuis African (AGEX Brousse, Jungle, ...)

Calibers: 300 Win, 375 H&H,  375 FL, 416 Rigby, 470 NE

Source: Chapuis

Quelle: Fieldsport Channel 

It certainly is not an easy task to define that unique, soul-searching moment when eyes and hands, in complete fusion with a taste for fine gunmaking and a deep hunting culture, assert and impose the extraordinary emotion of discovering an outstanding firearm.

We have known for years that it is indeed a complex feeling, fired by a very special state of mind. We call it osmosis. Its foundations are not only defined by the beauty of exceptional walnut stocks, carefully finished metal, delicate engraving, deep blueing on barrels. A fine gun is not only materials and shapes, and certainly not technical in essence. Elegance is the key.

Daniel Fraser

1848 until 1901 in Edinburgh; Scotland

Around 1873 Daniel set up his own business in Edinburgh. Initially at Greenside Place, within a year he moved to Leith Walk where he remained until 1878. At this time he went into Business with his brother John, forming D. & J. Fraser and moving the business to new premises on Leith Street Terrace. Obviously proud of his apprenticeship with Alexander Henry (and aware of its marketing potential), an 1882 advert for the gunmakers carries '(From HENRY'S)' beneath the name 'D. & J. Fraser'.

In 1889 Daniel and John parted company, each continuing to trade separately as gunmakers in Edinburgh. While Daniel's business (Daniel Fraser & Company (later Limited)) continued to operate into the 1930s, John Fraser appears to have ceased trading around 1898.

Daniel Fraser died in London on Tuesday, 10 December 1901 and was one of the best rifle makers in that time in Edinburgh and Scotland.

HEYM 88B Safari

Calibers: 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H Belted Mag, 375 H&H Flanged Mag, 416 Rigby, 416/500 NE, 450/400 NE 3", 450 NE 3.25", 470 NE, 500 NE, 577 NE, 20 ga

List Price: Start at 14,800.00€ & 13,500.00€ for PH Version

Source: Heym & Mark Sullivan

For over 35-years, the 88B has served as HEYM's flagship double rifle for dangerous game. There are more Professional Hunters carrying HEYM double rifles in Africa today than any other brand. Available in five different frame sizes, each 88B SAFARI is individually crafted by hand, and a host of options are available for making an 88B SAFARI uniquely yours. 

Source: Heym USA

HEYM 89B Safari

Calibers: 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H Belted Mag, 375 H&H Flanged Mag, 416 Rigby, 416/500 NE, 450/400 NE 3", 450 NE 3.25", 470 NE, 500 NE, 577 NE, 20 ga

 List Price Start at: 16,250.00€

Source: Heym USA

Built on the legacy and reliability of the Model 88, the new HEYM Model 89 is a tribute to a bygone era in British gunmaking history. Its classic lines incorporate the best design elements of pre-war, British, boxlocks, while modern steels and precision machining capabilities provide the most in strength and reliability. The HEYM Model 89 is a proper British double rifle... made in Germany.

Source: Heym USA

Holland & Holland "Royal" Double Barrel Rifle

Calibers: Flanged, belted or rimless designs from 7mm to .700.

Price: On Request at Holland & Holland

Source: Holland & Holland

Source: Holland & Holland

Source: Fieldsports Channel

When modern nitro express cartridges replaced black powder rifles for dangerous game, gunmakers worked to develop the ideal double rifle: one that would handle like a shotgun, be fast and instinctive to use and with the strength to weight ratios necessary to fire powerful cartridges and heavy bullets.

The 'Royal' double rifle is built to the very best standards, as befits the name. The bolstered action, introduced just after World War One, is elegant and strong. Back-action locks allow for a solid bar, adding rigidity and weight where it is most needed. The articulated front trigger guards against bruising and our patent ejector system is simple and reliable.

Available with individually regulated chopper-lump barrels and time-proven locks, bolts and ejectors, Theodore Roosevelt's comment, "I do not believe there is a better weapon for heavy game", stands true today. Where the game is close and the perfect shot must be taken in an instant, the 'Royal' double rifle is the best in the world.

Krieghoff Classic "Big Five"

Calibers: 375 H&H Mag, 450/.400 N.E. (3"), 500/.416 N.E. (3 1/4"), 470 N.E., 500 N.E. (3")

List Price start at: 8,650.00€ (Ejector + 1,540.00€)

Source: Krieghoff

The Krieghoff Classic demonstrates what can be expected of a modern double rifle these days: A gun with classical look and beauty. With our superior technics and uncomprimising design you will have a gun for any hunting condition. Therefore the Classic is more then just a reproduction of a legendary gun. The Krieghoff Classic is the first and only double rifle with two hammers and Combi-Cocking Device.

The Krieghoff Classic - the double rifle
for true hunting and the pleasure of a perfect gun.

Merkel Safari 140 & 160 AE  

Calibers: .416 Rigby, .470 N.E., .500 N.E., .450/400. N.E., .375 H&H Mag.

List Price Start at: 7,898.00€ / 140AE  &  15,498.00€ / 160AE

Source: Merkel

Source: Waffenland TV

The precision and reliability of Merkel safari rifles has delighted big game
hunters and heads of state for generations. The 160 version combines the largest calibre with sidelocks - which also offers our engravers additional scope of decorating the long sidelocks. One of the most beautiful rifles - for the most exciting form of hunting.

Purdey Express

Calibers: all up to 600N.E.

Price: On Request at James Purdey & Sons

Source: James Purdey & Sons

Source: James Purdey & Sons

The term 'Express' was coined by James Purdey the Younger in the early 1850s to describe his two-winged bullet, which allowed for the use of larger powder charges, and correspondingly higher muzzle velocities.

Mr. Purdey only allowed the term to be used in reference to smaller-bore rifles with a muzzle velocity of 1,600 feet per second or faster, giving a shallower trajectory and far greater range than previous designs. Today, our double rifles are built on the patented Beesley action, which allows for fast opening and reloading, and gives absolute confidence to the hunter, crucial when facing dangerous game.

The performance of our rifles, combined with the graceful Purdey shape and balance makes it, we believe, the finest double rifle in the world.

Rigby "The Rising Bite"

From .416 Rigby to .600 Nitro Express.

List Price: £95,000.00

Source: Rigby

Source: Fine Guns

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Increasing manufacturing costs meant that regular production at Rigby ceased in 1910, after around 1,000 had been produced. The last custom order original Rising Bites left the factory in 1932.

Three years ago, Rigby decided to resume production. To ensure that the new rifles would be true continuations of the Rigbys of the past, the team reverse-engineered an original Rising Bite that had been delivered to the Maharana of Udaipur in 1902. That pristine action has been replicated in modern, top-quality steel with state-of-the-art technology and a master's hand and eye.

Sabatti Big Five EDL

Calibers: 375 Flanged 416 Rigby 450 / 400 N.E. 450 N.E. 470 N.E. 500 N.E.

Source: Sabatti Italy

Source: Ron Spomer Outdoor

Source: Sabatti Italy

The Big Five EDL side-by-side double express rifle is built on a Sabatti proprietary action entirely machined from a solid block of hot forged high-resistance steel to withstand the pressures generated by very big calibers.

Source: Sabatti Italy

Westley Richards & Co Ltd

Calibers: Up to 700 N.E

List Price: Start at £55,500 (Fixed Lock Double)

Source: Westley Richards

Source: FRL Media

Unique among gunmakers, Westley Richards has a staff with diverse hunting experience, much of which has been obtained in the African bush, hunting dangerous game in some of the toughest conditions. In this environment, the double rifle stands out as the ultimate hunting tool, and
Westley Richards has built more large bore double rifles than any other
gunmaker. We can humbly say that we know what we're doing and understand exactly what the client requires in today's hunting field.