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Gastrock shooting stick two-legged

(also available as three-legged and single pole)

Price: 99,95€

The company Gastrock was founded in 1868 and is still a family business. The manufactory is located in Hesse, Germany. The very high quality shooting sticks are made of seasoned sweet chestnut. Both sticks have a plastic bayonet lock somewhere in the middle. These two locks allow the disassembling of the shooting stick into three roughly equal parts. The attached rubber band allows tying all three parts together in a bundle for safe and stable transport. The shooting stick is stained brown and painted satin to protect it from external influences.

Unfolding the shooting stick creates a stable support that can be quickly adjusted in height by spreading or compressing the sticks. They are so stable that they can also be used for support when stalking in the mountains. If you put the shooting stick diagonally in front of you, you get a stable support for your binoculars.

The as an extra to order forget iron tips are a very good add-on because they stand securely and firmly on any surface. Additionally, for rocky terrain, a set of rubber bumpers are a good choice as you can simply pull them over the metal tip if needed. The Gastrock shooting stick is a very nice and high quality, handmade product: made in Germany.

You can get the shooting stick in the length from 90 cm to 180 cm. The shooting stick weighs about 700g with a length of 165 cm to 180 cm. 

Classic leather/canvas rifle sling

Price: 129,00€

This classic cotton and leather rifle sling is handmade in South Africa. It is 50 mm wide and 108 to 116 cm long. A very sturdy brass buckle allows the adjustment of the length. The leather used at this rifle sling is of saddlery quality and, with proper care, will last for a lifetime.

The two slimmer straps for the attachment to the rifle are 20 mm wide and should fit with all standard rifle sling eyelets. The non-adjustable sling end is held in place with a solid brass pin, which ensures a secure hold even during demanding stalks. Due to the width of the rifle sling, the rifle weight is well distributed on the shoulder and the sling does not cut in. The approx. 2.5 mm thick and stronger cotton fabric also supports the comfortable carrying of the rifle.

Especially, in warm and humid climates, like in Africa, the cotton area is very breathable and absorbs body moisture well. When carrying the rifle for days, a good rifle sling is one of the most important pieces of equipment to be able to make a good shot at the end.

Double Rifle Cartridge Pouch


Price: 109,00€

Here comes a cartridge pouch made for the double rifle hunter. Especially with the double rifle, the spare ammunition should be ready to hand immediately after the shot. You never know whether the game really lies down or not.

Normally, the spare ammunition is carried open and ready to hand on the belt. When hunting dangerous game, two different types of bullets are used. The soft nose and the full metal jacket or solid bullet. Since reloading can be hectic, it is particularly important that the ammunition is not mixed up. A reload with a soft nose bullet into dense brush can result in very long retrieval.

This is exactly where this cartridge pouch comes into play. The 10 cartridges model was taken as a basis and the number of cartridges was reduced to 6. This reduction creates enough space between each pair of cartridges. The space allows on the one hand a safe and fast grip of the spare ammunition and on the other hand a clear positioning of the different bullet types in the pouch e.g. on the left always a pair of soft nose ammunition.

The pouch measures approximately 95 mm x 175 mm and the leather is approximately 3 mm thick. It has belt loops that accept belts up to 50 mm wide. With a little work, you can also get a 60 mm wide belt threaded. The pouch comes in two sizes: European, 9.3x74R/375 H&H Flanged as well as African for all calibers beyond that.

Like the rifle sling, the pouch are handmade in South Africa.

Special orders are possible on request.

Cartridge Pouch for 5 or 10 rounds

Price: 5 cartridge pouch - 79,00€,

Price: 5 cartridge pouch with flap (loop/brass pin) - 94,00€,

Price: 10 cartridge pouch - 109,00€ 

Especially when stalking, it is important that the spare ammunition is carried silently but always within reach. There is nothing more annoying than a piece of game that is scared away by the metallic jingling of cartridges in the pocket.

Spare ammunition should always be at hand immediately after the shot, because you never know whether the game is really lying down or not. Even with a bolt action rifle, it makes sense to refill the magazine when the time allows it.

The 5 cartridge capacity pouch measures approximately 85 mm X 150 mm and the leather is approximately 3 mm thick. The belt loops are designed for belts up to 50 mm wide but with a little work, you can also get a 60 mm wide belt threaded.


The 5 cartridge pouch is also available with a flap, so that ammunition can be safely stowed. For the closing of the flap, you can choose a loop or a brass pin. (Picture 8 & 9)

The pouch is also available in a version with a capacity of 10 cartridges (picture 10), which is mainly used for driven hunts. The pouch measures approximately 95 mm x 175 mm and has the same belt loop dimensions as the 5-cartridge version. This cartridge pouch is only available as open version without cover flap.

All three types of pouches are available in two sizes: European, up to 9.3x74R/375 H&H Flanged and African for all calibers above. The 10-round pouch will have a reduced capacity of 9 cartridges when the caliber is 416 Rigby or bigger.

Like the rifle sling, the pouches are handmade in South Africa.

Special orders are possible on request.